Best Philippines Beaches

Best Philippines Beaches

The best beaches in the Philippines range over more than 7,000 islands and occupy some of nature’s most beautiful spaces. Breaking down the country’s regions into north, central, and south offers a better glimpse at what’s available when planning a beach vacation in the Philippines. From bustling resort areas brimming with every service and amenity conceivable, to small, secluded beaches where nature is all you need, the medley of beaches on stunning tropical islands affords choice like no other.

White Beach
Boracay Island is called the Beach Capital of the Philippines for good reason; it’s home to some of the most spectacular coastal areas in the world. The island’s namesake, Boracay Beach, officially called White Beach, covers most of the west side where there are hotels and resorts and scores of seaside activities to satisfy everyone. The sand is the color of talcum, the backdrop lively and full of spirit, and the scenery as breathtaking as island scenery can get.
Honda Bay
Honda Bay on Palawan is one of the most highly acclaimed beaches in the Philippines. Diving is one of the premier activities, with a marine backdrop second to none. Even from the shore, vibrant tropical fish can easily be spotted. Palawan’s mass of 1700 island illustrates a slowed commercial pace which is a huge draw. The coral reefs surrounding local islets like Bat Island and Cannon Island draw divers from all over the world.
Puerto Galera Bay
Puerto Galera Bay is in Mindoro Island, just south of Manila on Luzon. It is also a world-class snorkeling and diving site, one of hundreds in the Philippines. Warm, transparent water and squeaky white sand create a dreamy setting where either inertia or action is fitting. The adventurous souls appreciate the many island hikes available within this Biosphere Reserve. From simple, inexpensive hotels to luxury lodging and beachfront cottages, Puerto Galera Bay is as scenic as it is accommodating and ranked as a top family vacation spot.
Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilococ Norte

Pagudpud lies on the northern tip of the Philippine mainland called Luzon. Its rural charm easily captivates travelers seeking out a peaceful location adorned with powdery white sand and simple accommodations. The beach here is often described as akin to Boracay but without crowds or large-scale development. It’s also compared to several of the best surfing areas in Hawaii for its great waves created by strong, offshore winds. A long stretch of continuous alabaster sand here is one of the best places for swimming in the north.
Pearl Farm
Set in the southern Philippines, Pearl Farm is a top-rated beach resort near Davao City. Pearl Farm was once just that, a bonafide pearl farm harvesting gold, pink, and white gems. Though you won’t find any these days, you will find spectacular white-sand beaches lining a lush, tropical landscape. Pearl Farm is a small piece of paradise where sublime beauty meets luxury amenities and ideal access to the city.

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