Best Thailand Beaches

Best Thailand Beaches
The best beaches in Thailand are mainly found in the southern reaches around the Andaman Coast and warm Gulf of Thailand. Today, reaching the best Thai beaches is much easier than it once was, with plenty of transportation options directly from Bangkok, the country’s main hub, with some flights arriving direct to islands like Phuket and Koh Samui. Almost all the major Thai islands feature at least a half-dozen beaches, most featuring their own unique character and atmosphere, creating ample choice for customizing vacations. From ideal family beaches all the way to raucous beachfront party spots, the best beaches in Thailand offer something for every preference.

Chaweng Beach
Chaweng Beach is Koh Samui’s most favored beach and is one of the most beautiful of all the best Thai beaches. Set on the northeast side of the island, the beach offers plenty of mid-range options across the board, from hotels and guesthouses to restaurants and bars. The crowds are thick but they flock to Chaweng for good reason; options abound in everything from dining and shopping to accommodation, watersports, and tours.
Patong Beach
Patong Beach is the country’s most popular beach, and is consistently referred to as one of the best beaches in Thailand. Soft white sand expands over a wide coast featuring dozens of restaurants, hotels, and shops. Nightlife is magnetic on Patong, especially for those looking to experience parties that hardly know any bounds. Yet, in the north and south ends, peace and quiet is afforded to those who want to enjoy the fruits of Patong without staying up all night long.
Long Beach
Long Beach is one of the best diving spots on Koh Phi Phi, well known for an ample stock of coral beds filled with colorful marine life, not to mention powder-fine white sand and perfect views. Situated near Ton Sai, Long Beach is the place of longer-term travelers, not many day-trippers. A half-dozen resorts offer accommodation and good restaurants. The atmosphere is quiet, especially at night but the location is close enough for a quick jaunt into Ton Sai for a night on the town.
White Sand Beach
Once a mainstay for backpackers, White Sand Beach oh Koh Chang has evolved into a popular beach for all types. Little more than a few hours south of Bangkok, White Sand Beach offers a lovely, long stretch of sand, colored just as the name implies, with a backdrop of lush hills and coconut trees. There are a good variety of beachfront lodging options but don’t expect high-end luxury. Not yet anyway.
Railey Beach
Let’s face it, not everyone wants to laze around on the beach while enjoying the view. Enter Railey Beach in Krabi Province, a fun, sporty, and adventurous setting where rock climbing is the man draw. Climbing enthusiasts flock here for the chance to scale the surrounding cliffs for fun and also for amazing views of nearby islands and even more majestic bluffs plunging into warm, blue ocean. Snorkeling is another popular activity, popularized by the exceptional underwater view fostered by the cliffs set deep into the water. And once tired, the setting is exceptionally quiet, with some lively nightlife available. This is one of the best Thai beaches for the perfect mix of sports and relaxation.

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